• makerfairemeridian says:

    Meridian Mini Maker Faire is getting prepared for the next faire on Saturday-Sunday, April 7-8, 2018. Are you a Maker? Would you like to show and share what you are doing at Mississippi’s Greatest Show and Tell Event? Please let us know that you will participate by filling out the Maker participant form located under “Participate…Calling All Makers!!!” This event is free to all non-commercial makers. It is also free to the public with a ticket from Eventbrite.com.

  • jennifer caldwell says:

    I may be interested in bringing 2 students who have invented a robot that helps autistic children. I just want to get a little more information before I ask parents

    • makerfairemeridian says:

      Dear Ms. Caldwell,
      Our Advetising and Maker Relations representative, Donna Owen, reached out to you last week in regard to your request for more information. The Meridian Mini Maker Faire is a licensed event and is for Makers and visitors of all ages. One of our youngest Makers, Nelson Kimbrough, a 12-year-old homeschooled student, will be presenting an electrical demonstration. Ross Collins Vocational Robotics program (10th-12th graders) is participating this year with their fire rescue robot and their aquatic robot. We would be very interested in having the your two students come and bring their robot that helps autistic students. We have Makers on up to age 80. Each Maker is featured on our website, but they are also connected with the international Maker Faires through Maker Media. We hope to attract 1,500 visitors from around the region this year. Hope this information helps.
      Thank you,
      Greg Hatcher
      Meridian Mini Maker Faire

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